The most romantic choice
for your holidays
in Paris ...

In Studio Visit, you see the interior space, as well as the sun-decks and the surrounding environment.

In Location, you find where the barge is situated in relation to the major touristic sites. and how to have access using public transport.
The barge is permanently anchored at the address indicated.

In Prices and Reservation, you have all the necessary information to calculate the price of your stay.
Then contact us to know whether or not there is available accommodation.

In Artistic Holiday, you will discover another way of experiencing tourism.
Your holidays will become a chance not just visit Paris but also to learn design, and to discover the unique Seine river life.

In Contact, you will find our telephone numbers and
e-mail address.

And even if you are not staying on my barge, you may join us for a dînner "on board", where you will meet French people and fellow tourists ... and discover my fluvial habitation.


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