The most romantic choice
for your holidays
in Paris ...

Profit from your holiday in Paris by learning to draw/sketch. Courses of one week are proposed on the boat. The price includes accomodation and half-board.

The courses focus on self-expression through form and colour. We welcome all levels of artistic competence. The beautiful fluvail environment will stimulate the creativity of each student.

Classes take place every morning, followed, in the afternoon, by a programme combining sight-seeing with sketching.

The size of the class is restricted to a maximum of 8 people. Proposed accomodation consists in sharing the mini-loft with fellow students or alternatively, in the case of a couple desiring privacy, being loged in the "Mariner's Cabin".
Apart from the programmed courses, private classes are always available on demand.

As a qualified teacher of fine arts, I personally direct the artistic programme. For further details concerning my work and pedagogy :

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